Welcome to Anthropolobaby.  We believe in raising babies as Mother Nature intended.  We invite you to take a few moments and browse our site for your favorite products.  Any of the products you find can be combined to create customized gift baskets.  Simply follow the link to the left to Contact Us and enter the items you would like to include in the basket. Thank you for browsing.

Click to enlarge to view the different colors. Organic Lovie Blankie
Gucio ShoesmiYim Simply Organic Lovie Blankie

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Lovie Blankie

Organic Dolly Fruit and Veggies
Under the Nile Organic DollyUnder the Nile Organic Fruit and Veggies

Organic Dolly

Organic Fruit and Veggies

Neutral Gift Basket
Neutral Gift Basket

Neutral Gift Basket